Freemark Abbey Decades Dinner


In Freemark Abbey’s Great Hall, a custom-designed wall built from old barrel staves neatly divides the large space. It’s an aesthetic complement to the room’s soaring trusses, roof deck ceiling, and expansive redwood floors.

As a clever juxtaposition to modern renovations that took place in 2015, large black-and-white photos of the old days at the St. Helena winery hang on that barrel stave wall and in spots around the adjoining Historic Tasting Room. The images are a reminder to visitors of Freemark’s long history. An important part of that history includes how wineries in St. Helena, along with many others up and down Napa Valley, have transformed themselves over the last few decades into hospitality destinations.

A Party to History

Back in those earlier days, as documented in the tasting room photographs and in well-researched history books from authors like Charles Sullivan and Thomas Pinney, the valley was mainly an agricultural region. Viticulture has, of course, existed since the 19th century and continues to define Napa Valley’s role in the American wine industry. But, as a counterpoint to the farming of grapes, the growth of wine country hospitality over the last 50-plus years has been nothing short of extraordinary.

Freemark Abbey is a perfect example. We love to have visitors, and we know how to welcome them.


Freemark Abbey Winery

Innovative Hospitality

When it comes to special events at the winery, the options fall into two categories: Estate Events, which are comprised of our release days for a quartet of extraordinary red wines; and Corporate Events, our unique take on high tech, financial services, and other industry-facing hospitality. The theme and execution of each will differ, but the spirit of Freemark Abbey hospitality is the same in either scenario.

To complement the winery’s diverse tasting opportunities, these events make up one of Napa Valley’s most innovative hospitality programs. And spread around four different venues on the property, the options for both private and corporate clients are many.


Decades Dinner

The Tasting Room – and Beyond

Walking through the front doors of the historic stone winery, visitors first encounter a long, polished wood bar, our rustic and well-appointed take on a typical Napa Valley tasting room. Beyond this welcoming space on the building’s Main Level lie the impressive Great Hall, big enough to accommodate up to 150 people, and the exquisite Bosché Room, with its enormous, natural-edge Australian Beefwood table that comfortably seats 20.

A floor down on the Cellar Level, late 19th century masonry surrounds the otherwise thoroughly modernized Barrel Room, with the exclusive Library Room tucked into an adjacent corner. Across the cellar floor, large wood doors under arched stone entryways open up to the Courtyard. In this picturesque outdoor space, market umbrellas and a trickling fountain—under which the Freemark Abbey time capsule is buried—create a relaxed wine country atmosphere.


Freemark Abbey Members Area