Corporate Events

Private Events

One of the best things about Freemark Abbey is the layout of the estate, which is both immaculate and functional. With its diverse meeting spaces, from the Barrel and Bosché Rooms to the Great Hall and Courtyard, the winery is in a unique position to meet the majority of requests for events in St. Helena.

The team takes a consultative approach to arranging events at the winery: asking questions, anticipating needs, and offering advice, with the goal of creating event-planning solutions. Each corporate event at Freemark Abbey has a different set of parameters, so the staff works closely with client planners and their leadership to ensure successful gatherings.

For more information, please reach out to Estate Manager Gary Geiger at 707-501-0939 or


Choices in Napa Cabernet Wine Tasting

Whether Freemark event clients find their way to the winery via their own planners, a referral from a club member back to their company, or just general word-of-mouth, responses to all inquiries are very timely. The winery’s cloud-based events calendar ensures that desired dates are blocked on initial calls. Typically, that first conversation leads to a site visit by the client to ensure that it meets their requirements.

From there, after a welcome reception in the Freemark Abbey Courtyard, corporate or private events can consist of one or both of the following Napa Cabernet wine tasting experiences:

Seated Comparative Experiences which include the Appellation Tasting, The Library Tasting and the Comparative Tasting experiences. These are conducted by knowledgeable Freemark Abbey staff for a per-person fee. The winery also has site fees, but these are determined and applied on a case-by-case basis. Freemark takes great pride in the wine education programs at the property, which offer private and corporate clients unparalleled comparative tasting experiences.

Dinners in the Historic Barrel Room and Bosché Room, as well as the Library Room. The winery works with a diverse list of Napa Valley caterers who execute these events. The Jackson Family Wines Culinary Team are also close at hand to prepare and serve fantastic wine country cuisine for special events. And with the huge selection of wines in its portfolio, Freemark Abbey can customize the selections of wines the client desires, including unique, multi-vintage pairings of Cabernet Bosché and Sycamore Cabernet. The possibilities for food and wine pairing at Freemark are almost infinite.


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