Due to specific state laws, we ship wine only to those states where direct shipments are permitted by law. Please note that some states impose volume limitations and other restrictions, as shown below. Shipments may be subject to state sales tax. The following information may be subject to change without notice. Clothing and other merchandise can be shipped anywhere in the United States.

If your state is not listed, we are not allowed to ship directly to consumers.                                                 

StateShipping Information
Alaska*A Reasonable Quantity – FedEx Only
Arizona9 cases / Individual / Year
CaliforniaNo Volume Limits
ColoradoNo Volume Limits
Connecticut*(LSL0001092) 2 cases / Individual / 62-Days
District of Columbia1 case / Individual / Month
Florida*No Volume Limits – Btl cannot exceed 3L
Georgia12 cases / Household / Year
Hawaii6 cases / Household / Year – Residential Delivery Only
Idaho24 cases / Individual / Year
Illinois12 cases / Individual / Year
IowaNo Volume Limits
Kansas12 cases / Household / Year
Kentucky10 cases / Individual / Month
Maine12 cases / Household / Year – 750mL Min Bottle Size
Maryland18 cases / Household / Year
Massachusetts12 cases / Individual / Year
MichiganNo Volume Limits
Minnesota2 cases / Individual / Year
Missouri2 cases / Individual / Month
Montana18 cases / Individual / 365 Days – FedEx Only
Nebraska1 case / Individual / Month
Nevada12 cases / Individual / Year
New Hampshire*12 cases / Individual / Year
New Mexico2 cases / Individual / Month
New York36 cases / Individual / Year
North Carolina2 cases / Individual / Month
North Dakota3 cases / Individual / Month – FedEx Only
Oklahoma6 cases / Individual / Year
Oregon2 cases / Individual / Month
Pennsylvania36 cases / Individual / Year
South Carolina2 cases / Individual / Month
South Dakota12 cases / Individual / Year
Tennessee1 case / Individual / Month – 3 cases Max / Year
Texas3.75 cases / Individual / Month – 15 cases Max / Year
Vermont12 cases / Individual / Year – FedEx Only
Virginia2 cases / Individual / Month
Washington(#602047187) No Volume Limits
West Virginia*2 cases / Individual / Month
Wisconsin12 cases / Individual / Year
Wyoming2 cases / Household / Year

*Wine shipments prohibited in certain areas

1 case=12 x 750 mL bottles

All orders must be placed by persons at least 21 years of age. Age verification is required upon delivery. Wine cannot be delivered to visibly intoxicated persons or those who are unable to provide age verification. In such circumstances, your order may be held at the shipping company’s local depot or shipped back to the Winery. Customer is responsible for all associated costs.