Do You Know How to Use a Cork Puller?

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Do You Know How to Use a Cork Puller? a.k.a. Ah-So, a.k.a. Waiter’s Fork

First, place the long “tine” between the inside of the neck and the cork. Don’t push too hard or too far, just about 3mm.

Gently pull back on the long “tine” just enough to be able to position the short “tine” between the cork and the neck.

In a slow side to side ‘rocking’ motion, gently push the Ah-So into the bottle, one tine at a time. Emphasis on gentle.

Once the Ah-So is all the way in, hold the bottle firmly. Twist and pull all at once. The cork should easily come out.

Ah-So step 1  Ah-So step 2

Ah-So step 3  Ah-So step 4

Note: During the process should the cork begin to descend into the bottle, stop immediately and use a corkscrew. The reason Ah-So’s work well with aged wines better than corkscrews is because corkscrews add to the mass in the neck of the bottle. This often leads to only part of the cork coming out. If the cork is descending into the bottle, it means the cork is not stuck. In this instance, a corkscrew would work fine.