2019 Spring newsletter


Freemark Abbey

2023 Spring Newsletter

Grapevine Notes From Kristy

Greetings Wine Club Members!

I hope you all had a wonderful spring and are looking forward to summer as much as we are here at the winery. What a different winter we had this year! We were blessed with substantial amounts of rain that were desperately needed by us and nature alike. Our reservoirs are full, ground moisture has been restored and we, along with the vines are grateful. Cool temperatures and the rain pushed bud break back by a few weeks, but this is a good thing as it will push harvest times back into September and October, where we like them. In previous years, due to heat and drought, our harvest times had been creeping into August and we welcome the change back to later fall times.

In the winery, we’ve completed blending of the 2021 red wines and the 2022 Chardonnays in time for our July bottling. We are very excited about both of these tremendous vintages and can’t wait to share them with you.

Please come out and see us sometime soon, the vineyards are lush and happy and we’d love to host you at the estate and pour you our new releases.

Kristy Melton


Winemaker Kristy Melton